As most grumpy old men I have plenty to moan and spout about. Mostly these efforts are regretfully negative and repetitive of many a person. Though, right now, right here, is the most depressing observation ever. I have described myself as a grumpy old man. In my mind I am far from that, but alas, it seems to be true.

It is my aim to selfishly force upon you my views of modern Britain in a bid to ease my own negativity and find my way through the quagmire that will, with hope, to a more positive outlook. It will be therapeutic for me and perhaps invoke other minds to make comment, observations and perhaps even changes.

I shall also use this blog as a kind of journal that I can look back over in time and see how things have changed, in my life and the world and country as a whole.

Please, if you have stumbled upon this site, bear with me and walk alongside whilst I live and reveal items of possible interest. This site may well improve in vision as I get to grips with design, colour and photograph inclusion.

Where I have little or nothing to report from experience, I will endeavour to write about general issues and thoughts on the country in general. I fear that there maybe more of these than stories of adventure and excitement. But, as I have said, please bear with me.